What is EasyDataScience?

When I was in undergrad, I have been looking forward to a high-quality data analysis course, covering everything from the most fundamental (e.g., how to install the software and run the first line of code) to advanced technique (e.g., machine learning and causal inferences). This is espeically helpful for students who major in art in high school and college (like me). In early 2020, due to the covid lockdown, I finally had the chance to record such a series of online courses in data analytics.

Initially the courses were uploaded on CCTalk. Later I founded my own startup and set up my own online course platform. I name the company as EasyDataScience because I really hope data science could be easy and accessible to everyone.

Now I have launched 3 Chinese courses:

1. Data Analytics Fundamentals (20 hours, from how to install the R software to basic coding, data wrangling, linear regression, regular expression, data visualization etc.)

2. Causal Inferences (10 hours, from linear regression to instrumental variable, panel data methods, matching and GMM)

3. Advanced Machine Learning (10 hours, from LASSO, PCA to random forest, support vector machine and neural networks)

There is also 1 English course covering all above materials. The English course is for students who wish to pursue a master or Ph.D. in U.S.

To ensure students understand the knowledge and also know how to run the code, there are both theory and lab sessions in each course. These courses were very popular in China. There have been over 2,000 people taking the course, including college students, high school students, industry practitioners and even some college professors (from Tsinghua University, Sichuan University etc.). The course was evaluated as 5.0/5.0 from hundreds of students.